So what is Finit Accounting?

We see ourselves as a new generation accounting firm. So even though we have those thick binders in our office, just as the tax authorities demand, and we also issue VAT and income tax reports, and handle National Insurance payments - for us, that's only the basis.

Our firm has a business-technological orientation. In addition to being accountants, we also offer senior management services and business consulting. In this framework, we analyze processes, examine expenditures versus income and identify trends.

As consultants who have accompanied quite a few business owners and companies, we've identified one major problem that seems to repeat itself in numerous places: many business owners do not grasp the financial aspect of their business.

We invite you to get to know FinIT Digital

We believe that order is the basis for success. That's why we developed for our clients FinIT Digital, an innovative system that gives you all the financial information your business needs - with a single click.

The system will provide you with all the tools needed for a planned and orderly business conduct. It will allow you to access credentials, documents and economic reports we produce for you at any time, and get a clear and accurate picture that reflects the financial condition of your business.

Do you know

Even if you try to keep tabs, it's not always possible. The data obtained from accountants usually refers to the past, but what about your company's most important info - its real time financial situation?
If your business is also based on the profit and loss reports you received from your accountant last year or last quarter, if you don't have a clue as to your company's situation at any given moment, if you too are concerned about "where's the money", FinIT will make all the difference for you.

Our expertise

FINIT - מערכות מידע

Information systems

An advanced accounting system that enables us to receive, sort and collect all the business' financial data and generate digital reports from them.
FINIT - אינטילגנציה פיננסית

Financial intelligence

Analysis of company data and drawing intricate conclusions | Creating business models, such as a smart wage model that will suit both employer and employee | Generating reports and graphs that make data easy to understand and more accessible.
FINIT - מדדים לפעילות עסקית

Building indices for business activity

Establishing an effective measuring system that examines data such as work hours, software, employee activity, and more. The indices help to achieve business transparency and to develop methods of continuous improvement. Presenting the indices to the business owner or the company on an ongoing basis enables them to examine and understand the significance of expenses and their economic implications, and to steer company conduct in a more economical and profitable way.
FINIT - אינטגרציה

Financial integration

Integration between all accounting systems.

Who are we

Finit accounting firm was created because we recognized a need. From our acquaintance with many business owners, we understood that we have to give our clients the tools to enable them to be constantly in the loop and to know what their business situation is at any given moment. We're here to make a change in the traditional world of accounting and financial management, and take it straight into the year 2020.

We specialize in providing a full range of accounting, economic, organizational and business services, while focusing on comprehensive and long-term professional accompaniment for commercial companies, organizations and employees.

In addition, we have special expertise in organizational and financial consulting for new and well-established businesses.

The firm's uniqueness is multidisciplinary, with a deep understanding of a broad range of topics and a wide encompassing outlook. These are reflected in our ability to understand complex economic data, analyze them, draw intricate conclusions and make them accessible to our clients.

Our team consists of leading professionals in accounting and payroll, who love out-of-box thinking, thrive on resolving crises and are always available.

Our staff is in continuous contact with the tax authorities, banks, funds and the relevant government bodies, with the aim of serving as a bridge between the companies we accompany and all the tax and government bodies.

Each of our clients is appointed a personal accountant with extensive experience, whose job it is to know their business and financial data inside and out, to assist them in day-to-day operations and to provide fast, available and effective service.

In addition to uncompromising professional service, we believe in transparency. To that end we have established our internal information system, which enables our clients to receive regular updates on future payments and changes in procedures and requirements of the various financial and governmental bodies.

We are happy to invite you to an introductory meeting at the company's offices in Givatayim or Modi'in.

Our vision

To give our customers a complete and comprehensive picture of their business and financial information, and thereby enable them to correctly manage their business, avoid mistakes and make informed and proper decisions that will help their business thrive.

What sort of makeover

FinIT Digital is a kind of unique toolbox we developed. To make the most of it, you need to know how to use it. That's why we accompany each of our clients and train them to read the data and understand its meaning. The reports produced in the system are tailored to each customer according to their data and needs.

The FinIT Digital system is the key to proper management. As accountants, with all the business financial management data spread out before us, it is easy for us to identify problems and advise you how to handle them.

With FinIT Digital you'll know exactly how much you've earned, what expenses you can afford right now and which ones will have to wait; you can build a budget and update it according to the current situation, and most important: you'll be able to make the right financial decisions that will allow your business to grow and be profitable.

Why us?

Over the years we have accompanied and advised many business owners. We noticed the difficulties, identified the weaknesses, analyzed trends, streamlined processes and helped their businesses take-off and prosper. That is the kind of hands-on knowledge and proven experience we have accumulated and bring to the table.

FinIT Basic service

We will help you build the right foundation for your business, as well as the groundwork for proper financial conduct with the authorities, and we'll accompany you throughout the process. As part of the service, we will create for you a personal portfolio in the FinIT Digital system, with all of your business' financial information | We will generate automatic reports for you | We'll invite you to a end-of-the fiscal-year consultation | We will mind the production of your company's pay slips | We will issue an annual report for you besides reporting to the tax authorities. We believe in effective pre-planning to enable you to maximize profits and pay the minimal amount of taxes, required by law.

Want to start a new business?

We believe that long before you take the actual steps of opening a company and dealing with the authorities, you need to understand what it really means to run an independent business.

We'll be happy to invite you to a meeting, during which we will understand your needs and explain how to lay the proper groundwork for your business to help it thrive. We'll also be happy to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of all the obligations you will have to the authorities, as well as your rights and benefits.

Do you have an active business?

Many business owners are great professionals, but they don't necessarily know the best way to deal with dilemmas related to the economic-management aspect. If dealing with the financial side of business takes up too much of your valuable time, we'll be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting. We're here to help you deal with the financial jargon, help you manage risks, and simplify the financial implications of your business moves.

FinIT Plus service

In the framework of FinIT Plus we identify risks and deal with them: Preservation of organizational knowledge | Costing | Reports | Wage model | Payroll agreements | In depth analysis of the data, conclusions and recommendations for streamlining processes and saving resources. We look present to you all of your company's financial moves in real time. If we see earnings, we'll give you the information. If we identify losses, we will put up red flags and plan changes together with you.

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4 Ariel Sharon St., 12th floor, Givatayim

 10 Hativat Harel, Modi'in

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